These FREESTUFF files were submitted by Fred Lauzus, Thanks Fred!

Icon Bar Utilities


The attached file contains a set of icon bar utilities I wrote while working for a
SmartCAM reseller. There is an installation program included. 
I have also included the help file separately in order to gain access to the
descriptions of the utilities.

The following is the description from the help file:

"MES Free Stuff is a suite of custom utilities written for SmartCAM version 10 & 
version 11 by Micro Engineering Solutions, Inc.
 These utilities were developed to facilitate the use of common SmartCAM functions
as well as supplement functions not found in SmartCAM.  These utilities can be 
launched from the MES Free Stuff icon bar or they can be added to
one or more existing icon bars.
These utilities are provided free to customers of Micro Engineering Solutions in
thanks for their patronage. They also serve as an example of the type of custom-
ization that can be attained within the SmartCAM environment.
* Since these utilities are not a product, we do not provide more than basic 
technical support for them. 
If you require additional modification, contact your Micro Engineering sales
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