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Welcome to our SmartCAM Support Repository!

SmartCAM v19.x Solids Machining
is now available

Featured Shop Job:

FREE PDF Tutorial: How to make this Vacuum Table for your CNC

Download the PDFs, various considerations should be made to best fit your parts, your size requirements,
and/or your CNC. Thanks to Chris Kocourek, for the pdf documentation and his willingness
to share what he discovered along the way.      PDF-Part1    PDF-Part2   Chris.Kocourek@flextronics.com

Fair Warning
 about using generic PRE-V14.5 macros downloaded from this website in the newer SmartCAM V14.5:
Download and Use at YOUR OWN RISK on an AS IS BASIS ONLY

The macro language in V14.x SmartCAM and earlier versions of SmartCAM [such as v11.5 and before] are NOT compatible.  V14.x has an upgraded and extended macro language that will not process older version/legacy macros properly.
It is your responsibility to READ ALL DOCUMENTATION
 packaged with ANY and ALL downloaded files and
UNLESS the zip file contents say specifically that a file is compatible with V14.x, it is understood that there is NO compatibility. ANY and ALL free downloads should ALWAYS be scrutinized before "assuming" any compatibility higher than SmartCAM V11.5


SmartCAM V15.x and higher is supported through SMA by SmartCAMcnc
We recommend that you support and contact your SmartCAM SMA area first!

SmartCAM Tools and Utilities for SmartCAM 11.5 and earlier:

Mill Code Generators Upgrade Patches
Lathe Code Generators Tape to Shape EXE
Punch Code Generators Tape to Shape Manual
Other Code Generators Tape to Shape Manual in PDF format
User contributed Code generators Alphabetical Template Word List
EDM Code Generators  
Public Domain Files CNC Glossary <-over 200 new Entries 3-21-08

User Contributions for SmartCAM 11.5 and earlier:

Smartcam v11 JOS Data Tag Cheat Sheet-from Fred Lauzus
HOT TOOLS VI-from Fred Lauzus-from Point Control era - circa 1994
MES FREESTUFF-from Fred Lauzus from MicroEngineering Solutions, Inc.
The UnOfficial Smartcam Macro Command Dictionary V2
The UnOfficial Smartcam Macro Command Dictionary V1

Free Supportive Downloads for SmartCAM 11.5 and earlier:

Camax Public Domain File Structure .Zip - Older Camax era Public Domain files
Download FREE SmartCAM font library
View Fonts in FREE font library
PTop Stacker MCL-for pre V14 SmartCAM versions
SmartCAM Revivals from Fred Lauzus- SmartCAM Reverse code generator
Reading an X,Y,Z Point file into SmartCAM
ARE Examples   also   ARE-Applications Resource Editor Toolkit
Data Sheets

CAD, CAM, CNC related mysteries and ODDities: Not specifically SmartCAM related

Can you program and machine an M.C.Escher drawing in SmartCAM?


  Click the thumbnails above to view the original that I programmed

Generating surfaces automatically through point clouds,  How can it be done?

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