Fair Warning
 about using generic PRE-V14.5 macros downloaded from this website in the newer SmartCAM V14.5:
Download and Use at YOUR OWN RISK on an AS IS Basis ONLY!

The macro language in V14.5 SmartCAM and earlier versions of SmartCAM [such as v11.5 and before] are NOT compatible.  V14.5 has an upgraded and extended macro language that will not process older version/legacy macros properly.
It is your responsibility to READ ALL DOCUMENTATION
 packaged with ANY and ALL downloaded files and
UNLESS the zip file contents say specifically that a file is compatible with V14.5, it is understood that there is NO compatibility. ANY and ALL free downloads should ALWAYS be scrutinized before "assuming" any compatibility higher than SmartCAM V11.5

             SmartCAM V14.5 and higher is supported through SMA by SmartCAMcnc
          We recommend that you support and contact your SmartCAM SMA area first!

Before you download anything!

The chances of someone else's code generator exactly matching your production parameters is very unlikely. Always review ANY and ALL FREE downloaded code generator/s and adjust it for your particular tools BEFORE using it in production.  These code generators are intended for training and initial setup purposes only and may require debugging in order for them to perform in a safe and  accurate manner. 

By downloading these FREE User Contributed code generators, utilities and/or freeware you are accepting FULL responsibility for applying them in a safe and cautious manner  in your application. 

  ALWAYS,    Remember to Be Safe!  




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