Topic: File Merge / File Import and named elements - workplanes.

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Date: 02/29/1998
Author: JBH
Product  All SmartCAM Applications
Version v11.01
Problem:  When merging files with named elements or workplanes, if a duplicate name is found, the first instance keeps the name, all others do not. 

Note: Before performing these steps make sure you have installed the appropriate patch for you application from

Solution: By setting an INI variable, it is possible to tell SmartCAM to attempt to  automatically rename elements and workplanes that have names matching existing geometry. 

By setting an INI variable, it is possible to tell SmartCAM to attempt to resolve the duplicate names. When geometry or workplanes are imported or merged that have matching names, SmartCAM will attempt to modify the name of the element to keep from having duplicate entries. Please be aware that there is a performance penality for this action. Merge and Import operations will take significantly longer than the default mode. 

To have SmartCAM resolve duplicate names, make the following change to your SmartCAM INI file. 

1.      Open SMARTCAM.INI in a ASCII text editor. The file is in your Windows directory. 

2.      Locate the [Defaults] section of the INI file. 

3.      Add: 


4.      Save the file and start your application. 


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