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  Smartcam Software Patch Downloads

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SmartCAM Version 11.01 Upgrade Patches
The SmartCAM v11.01 Patches fix several problems discovered by 
customers and  resellers after the initial v11.0 release. They include 
the following: 

 Smartcam v10.0 patch for Hardware Lock Option (HLO)
(hlov10.zip - 58,933 bytes) 
This patch includes a fix for customers experiencing problems with the
 System Server Code not changing after installing the v10.0 Hardware
 Lock Option (HLO). Extract to your \SM9\SYSTEM directory. Replaces LMV3.DLL.
also refer to Technote.165

 Correct Help File for Visual CTK v10.0
  (ctk.zip - 72,779 bytes) 
 Extract to your \SM9\SHARED directory. Replaces ctk.hlp.

Version 9.xxx

 FreeForm Machining V9.21 Windows Update 
(ffminst.exe - 823,208 bytes) 
This patch will update your existing FreeForm Machining V9.20 to version
 9.21. This update resolves some issues with the IGES Import capabilities 
of FFM. This update significantly reduces, and sometimes entirely eliminates,
 dropped surfaces during IGES Import. 

To use the patch, download the patch file and run it. When prompted for
 a path, select ANY file in your SmartCAM run directory; generally C:\SM9.
 You must select a file in your \SM9 directory for the patch to work. This
 patch only works on Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Windows NT 3.51 and NT 
4.0 operating systems.

  Update for v9.x SmartCAM Hardware Lock Option 
(hloupdt.exe - 1,400,714 bytes) 
This update includes a fix for customers experiencing problems with the
 new ECP and EPP high-speed parallel ports (where the System Server 
Code did not change after installing the HLO). 

To install the update, simply download the patch. Once the patch is
 downloaded, use the File Manager or Explorer to run the HLOUPDT.EXE 
file. This will start the
installation process. Follow the on-screen prompts.

 Fix for missing Drill Call panel in v9.0 Production Milling v9.0
(pmillfix.exe - 205,168 bytes) 
Extract to your \SM9\MILL directory. Replaces PMILL.BRC and PMILL.BRL. 
Review included file TECH122.TXT for more information.

 Fix for 3-Button Mouse problems and Winsock.dll errors in SmartCAM v9.0 
(v9_dll.exe - 386,260 bytes)  
Extract to your \SM9\SYSTEM directory. Replaces several .DLL files. Review 

included file TN_128.TXT for more info

 Fix for v9.x Productivity Macros
 (allows for non-sequential steps in process model) (quikfix9.exe - 48,813 bytes) 
Extract to your \SM9\MILL\QUIKSTEP directory. Replaces several .MCL files.

 Fix for SmartCAM Network License Manager (NLM) v9.1 
(lmv2.dll - 156,672 bytes)  Copy to your \SM9\SYSTEM directory. 

  Fix for 2601 and 2617 Errors When Using the Import and Export Icons in Adv. Fabrication v9.2 
(fab_mcls.exe - 37,491 bytes) 
There is a naming conflict between the macro variable #SS and an AFAB
 system variable. To clear up the problem, download this updated set of 
macros and extract the files over the existing macros in \SM9\CAMINT. 

Pre Version 9.xxx

  Fix for error: The ELMID32.DLL file cannot start. 
Check the file to determine the problem. 
(elmid32.dll - 4,000 bytes)  Copy to your \windows\system directory.

All SmartCAM applications: 
Creating lines needs manual updating of Start and End Z (can not create a line 
using length and angle) Macro execution is slow compared to v10 (There is 
performance increase for macro execution with the v11.01 patches) Merging
 files with named elements or workplanes crashed when duplicate names found.
 Can not enter coordinates manually for splines and polylines. 

Advanced Production Machining and Free Form Machining:
ACIS import misreporting quantity of surfaces in a SAT file. 

Production Milling, Advanced Production Machining and Free Form Machining: 
Milling products: mc_7.sh3 not a valid CTG file 

Advanced Turning and Production Turning: 
Can not use keyboard to create a line with a turning tool. 
Tool orientation icons missing from the JOS Tool page. 

Advanced Fabrication: 
Auto Select not seeing all obround holes. 

Known issues with v11.01 -=-=-

When merging files with named elements or workplanes, if a duplicate
 name is found, the first instance keeps the name, all others do not. Refer 
to Technote.176 for an explanation of how to have SmartCAM automatically 
rename elements and workplanes that have names matching existing geometry. 
When merging files that cause the application to exceed 1,024 work planes the
 following nonstandard error message appears:  "WKPLN03" 

Installing the Patch: 

1.Save the appropriate patch file(s) for your SmartCAM Application(s) to your 
local PC. Go to the Windows "Start" button and select
"Run". Use "Browse" to find and Open the v11.01 patch file. 
2.Select "OK" to confirm that you want to update your SmartCAM application. 
This will open a "File Select" dialog box titled "Enter
SmartCAM Directory". Change the "Look In" field to the directory where 
is installed (default is :\sm9\ ). 
3.Select and Open any file that exists in the SmartCAM directory to initiate 
the v11.01 patch update dialog box. Select "Yes" to install
the v11.01 patch. 
4.Open your SmartCAM application. Go to Help -- About and confirm that
 the application version is now v11.01. 

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